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QUOODA is a leading end-to-end risk, compliance and safety management software platform. Trusted by 8000 users, it delivers a single source of truth for all your risk and compliance in real time.

Developed by professionals in Risk, Compliance and Safety. Trusted
by industry leaders.

QUOODA® improves your effectiveness and efficiency



Customisable solution without any technical know-how



Break down information silos and create a single thread of truth



360-degree visibility, with transparency to track corrective and preventative actions


A short introduction to QUOODA®

See how QUOODA® makes it easier to manage your risk and compliance, improving productivity and saving money.

See how QUOODA® makes it easier to manage your risk and compliance, improving productivity and saving money.

Key Benefits

Improved risk management

QUOODA® makes it quicker and easier to manage risks

Take total control over your risks with all data accessible within a couple of clicks from a single source of truth

Identify problems: Your dashboard gives an overview of risk compliance, with the ability to quickly drill-down into problem areas

Resolve issues: Issues can be quickly resolved by allocating tasks – either internally or to third-party contractors – with automated notifications and escalations if tasks are not completed on time.

Mobile and tablet optimised: Users can access information anywhere, at anytime, saving time by being able to complete tasks and complete checklists while on-site.


Effortless compliance management

Complete 360° visibility of compliance

Capture all your documentation in one place providing a single source of truth for compliance reporting.

  • Dashboard shows high level status, including highlighting when documents require renewal
  • Built in approval process for new documents
  • Task management with automated notifications and escalations if not completed on time


Complete health and safety management

Configurable to your own business's requirements

Modular software architecture allows you to align QUOODA to your own internal processes and regulatory requirements

  • Configurable to ISO 45001 (Health & Safety)


QUOODA® Solutions

health and safety software, health and safety management software

Health & Safety

Stay in control of your health and safety with 360-degree visibility and automated task tracking.
fire safety

Fire Safety

Make your organisation and assets safer with a platform that gives you and your stakeholders 360-degree visibility.


Monitor Compliance and manage your impact on the environment with our fully customisable platform.

Business Continuity

Prepare your business for every eventuality by analysing data across your organisation.

Supplier Management

Maintain Compliance across your supply chain from professional services to contractors.

Permit to Work

Manage the safe execution of hazardous activities, minimising risks and chances of incidents occurring.

Information Security

Manage, monitor, and implement ISO management systems across your organisation.

Asset Management

Assess Risk and ensure your all your organisation’s assets are Compliant on one simple to use platform.


Commercial Property

Manage Risk, Compliance and Safety associated with commercial property assets.

Residential Property

Implement Risk Control programmes, collect data and manage Compliance across every residential asset and sub asset.

Education Sector

Maintain Compliance and put in place Risk Control programmes for education facilities, staff and students.

Financial Services

Make quick informed decisions based on real-life insights and red flags.

Tech & Telecoms

Implement best practice Health & Safety processes for your customers and people.

Facilities Management

Use QUOODA® to record data, report back to clients, file documents, and assign remedial tasks.

Healthcare Sector

Identify Risk, ensure Compliance, and share information with external suppliers.

Professional Services

Manage workplace Health & Safety Compliance and implement Risk Control programmes across your organisation.

See how QUOODA® makes it easier to manage your risk and compliance, improving productivity and saving money.

What Our Clients Say
QUOODA saved us money
Eloise Smith
QUOODA saved us money
Eloise Smith
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